1. THE PLUCKY SHOW IS TONIGHT!!!! Only three more chances to see it! Get thee to Gorilla Tango Bucktown!

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    March’s Movie Time Movie by Marty Schousboe.

    With little comment, I present to you…


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    THE PLUCKY SHOW 2/13/14 photos by Singing Raven Photography @ Gorilla Tango Theatre. CAN’T WAIT FOR MARCH!

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    Welcome to The Plucky Show’s REAL LIVE INTERNET BLOG! In honor of our inaugural post, here’s last month’s Movie Time Movie by Marty “The Projectionist” Schousboe

    Without further ado, I present to you… BOB THE BOX.

    The Plucky Show now has a blog! YAAAAAAY!


  6. Alisa Rosenthal and the Exercise Brothers, taped live and in color in Skokie, Illinois for Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers. YOU’RE WELCOME, INTERNET.

  7. I’ve decided to start reading what I already own. Pictured above: all the books I already own. I’m a little daunted by this project… I’m a former English major, perpetual stuff collector, and current binge-TV enthusiast. This is an attempt to get myself reading more (the number of books-I-read to things-I-watched ratio of the last year is MORTIFYINGLY embarrassing), but also the same attempt to understand who I already am. The books I have (that I’ve kept!) this long are mostly all gifts: from family, friends, to myself… but many of them are also remnants from childhood, from college, books I’ve inherited, all of these parts of myself that I continue to tote around with me in large duct-taped boxes every time I move.

    As someone who has ALWAYS lived with a lot of clutter, I’m trying to understand everything I already have, and clear out what I don’t need.

    I’m starting with all the books on my nightstand, and I’ll work my way around my apartment. They are kind of organized by subject? Ha, we shall see. And I’m giving myself three passes, because… like I said, former English major. 

    First up: Where’d You Go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple, top of my nightstand, a recent birthday present from my fabulous friend Suzanna who runs an amazing indie bookstore in New York and continues to send me the best books every year.

    Taking the leap! Have you done something like this before? WANT TO DO IT ALONG WITH ME?

  8. Harold Lloyd - The Freshman - (1925)

    Just opened for this silent film at The Music Box Theatre last night… al-a-ga-zink WOW!

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  10. Made it to Baltimore! What DO you get when you cross ukulele, jokes, and dance? #artscape